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About Us

Welcome to Wellness Oasis Natural Products and Smart Consumers Club - Your One Stop destination for natural health, beauty, baby, pet and household products and tips for happy & healthy living.

At Wellness Oasis we support companies that manufacture Organic, Natural, Non-carcinogenic, Non-toxic, Cruelty-free and Environmentally friendly products. Every product in our store is INDIVIDUALLY reviewed and matched to Environmental Working Group Cosmetics database. We say NO to hazardous chemicals and cruelty!

Through our pages you will find publications, products and services that will help you fit all your wellness needs. Wellness Oasis is your pure source of Health and Beauty, Personal Enrichment and Skill Development.

Our Memberships

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Should you decide to make Wellness Oasis your one stop destination for natural health, beauty, baby, pet and household products, you are sure to be interested in our memberships.

Our membership will make your every purchase a little bit sweeter by allowing you to save 5%, 10% or 15% storewide depending on the type of membership you choose. It is all about you and your choices, we are here to complement your wellness needs. 

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